We have a lot of customers. Every day, we try to provide them with services to their satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is, however, relative. Why? Because every customer is different and has different expectations. In order to meet all the expectations of all of our customers, if possible, we are developing our servicing department in a systematic way. Its basic parameters are:

- A team of specialists in all of our products (systems)

– Sufficient number of servicing team members in line with the increasing number of customers

- Deputizing cover of the team members
- Program of their continuous training in new technologies

- State-of-the-art measurement and regulation equipment

– The latest software

– Customer Helpdesk that ensures the promptest response to customers’ needs

– Both primary and secondary emergency servicing

– Non-stop customer support via telephone

We believe that such a servicing team will be able to promptly respond to any demands of our clients. We are able to offer you any servicing and maintenance of one specific system or of the entire complex of systems and technologies in your building or facility. If you are interested in multiple system servicing, we can offer you complex facility management of technologies (find out more in the Facility management section). In such case, we will take care of all of your technologies and systems and you can deal with your “core business”. 

Let’s try it together! Call or write to us! We will prepare a customized offer of servicing jobs for you and give you contact details of our present clients so that you can check out our references.