Project Design

The condition for us to offer the entire range of services in the area of light-current and heavy-current systems, measurement and regulation and technological facility management is high-quality project design. Professional installation and system functionality cannot be ensured without a high-quality project. We are ready to perform a wide range of design jobs for you:

– Passportisation of the current state
- Security study

– New solution study (design)

– Building permit documentation

– Supplier selection documentation

– Detailed design documentation

- As-built documentation

– Author’s supervision

We offer all of these jobs in the entire range of our portfolio:

– Camera systems

– Electric fire alarm systems

– Electronic security systems

– Data networks

- Electronic access contro
- Measurement and regulation

- Heavy-current electrical installations

Call or write to us. We will arrange a meeting, offer you a cup of coffee or good tea and we can discuss any options in terms of the project design. We will be with you from the initial design to the complete high-quality installation.