Electronic Access Control System

Do you also have premises to which you do not want or can’t let anybody enter? Electronic access control is one of the most critical parts in the protection and security of buildings of various types, sizes and designation. It will give you a perfect overview of the entry, exit and presence of persons or vehicles within your building or facility. We offer you expertise consulting services in the design phase and a highly professional and experienced approach to installation. We hold the certificate issued by the National Security Authority for the level of “Confidential” and so we are used to dealing with security-related information received from you in a highly confidential manner. We have years of experience in project design and installation of electronic access control systems and so we can design one to meet your needs to the greatest possible extent. We will take into account your specific requirements and conditions, database size, reading distance of storage medium, scope of disclosed information about the entering or leaving person, possible expansion or relocation of the system, creation of statistical data, resistance to damage, etc. We will make sure the system is easy to control, has simple configuration and access right administration and is flexible for the most optimal design within your building. We can also offer an electronic access control system to you as a part of a complex security study that we can generate for you, should you be interested. Just call or write to us, and if you are already our client, use ourcustomer helpdesk.

Instalace Elektronické kontroly vstupu do budovy Baťova mrakodrapu ve Zlíně.