Electronic Fire Alarm System

Do you suppose that this is just a kind of system that would start an alarm or send a message about the fire if there is a fire? You are wrong. The electronic fire alarm system is the system that controls the related fire safety equipment once it identifies a fire. What good is it to you to have information that there is a fire if the doors stay open or the heat and smoke exhaust equipment does not operate properly? In both cases, the fire may start spreading much faster due to the “stack effect”. This is just one of many situations which may occur in case of a malfunctioning electronic fire alarm system or the fire safety equipment controlled by it. 
And this is our main advantage for you. Thanks to the team of specialists not only in electronic fire alarm systems, but in a lot of other pieces of related fire safety equipment, we first design and install the electronic fire alarm system with any required fire safety equipment integrated. You will enjoy absolute peace of mind with this system because, in addition to periodical testing of the operating efficiency, we will always arrange for the required inspections of any related fire safety equipment.

So, what can we offer you in area of electronic fire alarm systems?

- Design and generate project documentation at all degrees

– Install the system including initial inspection of operating efficiency

– Management of functional tests of related systems upon final building approval

- Both warranty and post-warranty servicing including related fire safety equipment

Are you looking for a reliable partner to install and operate an electronic fire alarm system for you, including other fire safety equipment? Do you want to get rid of one problem and have time for your job? Call us, write to us or contact us on our LinkedIn.