We have been doing it since the beginning, so we have experience to share. We did some things wrong, so we know what to avoid or what to do differently. After all those years, we also know that it is not only about grabbing a drawing and doing the assembly according to it. A high-quality installation requires: 

 – “hands and legs” – it will not install itself
– “brain” – the outcome might be pitiful if you do not think

– “phone-a-friend” – if you want to install it, but you do not have it, it will not work either

Do you feel that this is too exaggerated? So, let’s try once more and differently! High-quality performance of any installation requires everything that you will find in our company:

– Compact teams of installation technicians with years of experience

– Project management based upon professionals with years of experience

- Support by the design engineering department

– Fast and flexible material logistics to the installation site

– A partner with a great capacity in terms of personnel and finance 

And if you want to know what we can install, look at the homepage of this website, the “Products” section. This will show you a wide range of systems to choose from. If you are still not sure that we are the right partner for you, just switch to the “References” section. And if you want to check it out just call or write to us and we will give you the contact details of any client, so that you can hear its opinion of our work. Or just sometimes check our LinkedIn.