Camera Systems

We install even the most extensive camera systems. We can offer a number of reference installations in administrative facilities, shopping centres or even in industrial zones. Our advantage is that we can combine camera types from a number of manufacturers. In case your costs for covering the facility with fixed or swivel-mount cameras are too high, we will propose a mobile camera. We will improve the efficiency of your guarding services by teaching each camera to monitor a specific person or possible thief. If required by your security situation, we will propose a thermal camera. We will teach your camera system to communicate and share information with other security systems, e.g., in situations when the electric fire alarm system announces a fire or the electronic security system identifies a building intrusion. Your camera system will immediately check the respective spot. You can choose a camera system from TEB, HIKVISION, TYCO, BOSCH, SIEMENS, AXIS, or many others.

In terms of camera systems, we can arrange for the following:

– Project

- Request to the Office for Personal Data Protection

– Installation
– Warranty and post-warranty servicing

– Remote monitoring

We simply have a vast range of different camera systems for you. Just write to us, call or contact us on LinkedIn.