Measurement and Regulation

Do you feel you spend more money on energies than you should? Do you want to have your technologies under control? Do you need to ensure mutual cooperation between your heating, cooling, lighting, air-conditioning, electronic security, electronic fire alarm, camera and other systems? We are here for you.

The measurement and regulation systems which we install are designed for those of you who wish to achieve efficient, economic and functional operation of your building. It does not matter whether you have a large industrial facility, administrative, medical or education centre. We are ready to provide you with an individual approach, precision design, fast implementation and thorough servicing of the measurement and regulation system. 

The measurement and regulation projects implemented by us differ in their scope, but they are based on identical principles: pursuit of optimized, low energy consuming operation of the technological equipment and an emphasis on maximum safety, achieved by minimum input of the human factor in its operation or maintenance. The outcome is a perfect overview of currently ongoing processes, potential failures, but mainly the option to use a perfectly working system integrating the technologies installed. We will provide you with the comfort you desire, while reducing your operating costs. Thanks to control of heat, humidity, lighting or air-conditioning, you can create a climate of the best quality in your building. 

We are not limited to a single manufacturer, it does not matter whether you want AMIT, SIEMENS, Honeywell or DOMAT.

In any case, we will do the following:

- Design and project at any stage

– Assembly and programming

- Integration into graphical extension
– Test run

- Remote supervision of the systems

– Warranty and post-warranty servicing

Just call, write to us, if you are already our customer, use our helpdesk or just follow our LinkedIn.