Data Networks

Perhaps none of us can imagine a car without wheels or a plane without wings. Likewise, we cannot image any object without a data network. Every one of you takes use of intranet or internet wherever you are in your building for granted. To enable this, you should give us the opportunity to design a customized data network for you. Do you think we are too confident? Yes, we are. We are pretty confident in terms of this part of our portfolio. We are not committed to any specific manufacturer of passive or active parts of data networks. We have state-of-the-art measuring equipment and we conduct periodical training. We can do everything from A to Z. 

We can, for example, take the following steps:

– Conduct passportisation of your current data needs

– Design passive and active parts of the network and discuss it together

- Then we have your view of the issue and thus can generate the project documentation

- Now there’s nothing left but to install everything for you

- … and measure … and test … and certify

– If you are satisfied, we can become your data network partner in the long term

So? Will you try it? Will you write to us? Will you call us? Or look here LinkedIn?